Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weigh in

Well today is weigh in day with my weight watchers program and I am down another pound!
Yee Ha!
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That make 6 pounds in total since I have started this journey. It may not be a major milestone in the weight loss/ health journey but it is a step down the path.
I am very happy with this result and it really gives me an extra bit of effort to push forward and continue on.
I am trying to eat smartly and not with a manic need to be dieting at all moments of my life. I know that this needs to be long term so I allow my self treats and the use of my extra points to have what I want, even if that means eating a cheese burger and learning later that it took half of my daily points. 
I will not live a life of deprivation but I will make smart choices and learn moderation,
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