Sunday, March 9, 2014

Better late then never

I have never been big on new years resolutions, something about goals and expectations that I don't like. This year though I thought I would unofficially set some aspirations for the year, not based on vanity but on a generalized vision of how I want my life to be.
One of these aspirations was to feel healthier in all aspects of my life, mind and body.

I am lucky enough to have a mother in law who is a personal trainer and a gym in her basement. I started to go see her three times a week at the beginning of the year and I have seen lots of results as my body has gotten stronger and I have gained some confidence in my own bodies ability.

I decided to take it up a notch as I am tired of not fitting into my clothes, living in yoga pants and not being able to buy the clothes I love. This decision was not based on a want to skinny but my want to feel comfortable in my skin.

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Since having kids the scale has only moved upwards with very short periods of weight loss and since I have already added the physical part of the equation I decided to join weight watchers to help me track what I was eating in the hopes I could figure out what was holding me back from being a healthier me.

I have decided to go into this tracking everything from the good to the bad to the ugly. I am going to try to do more planning of what I am going to eat and try not fall into old habits due to poor planning. I know its not going to be a perfect uneventful journey but its one worth exploring and I hope to have some good results even if I stumble.
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