Saturday, March 15, 2014

Garden time

When we first moved into this house it was about 800 square feet and needed a lot of love. The garden was small but because of the age of the house it held many hidden treasures awaiting to be found come spring.

Last year we began an addition to our home to increase the size in hopes of staying here longer. That meant an overhaul of the yard and me having to turn a blind eye as my husband brought in heavy duty machinery to dig and blast.


I held out hope that I was able to save some plants and that some of the bulbs would find their way to bloom this spring and I have been happily surprised.

The main garden bed I have had to be reworked and is currently a work in progress. Luckily last weekend the rain stayed away long enough for me to get outside and begin the process of turning everything over.

The first year we live here I was told by a neighbour not to cut our boulevard until after all the flowers bloomed. I thought eh was a bit crazy as it just looked like grass growing in, but I was in for a surprise.

The most amazing little blue flowers come up and cover the boulevard. Unfortunately, I cant seem to get a picture to do it justice.

For the last two weeks people have been stopping in front of my house taking pictures with the flowers. It is quite funny as it is like some type of hidden tourist spot!

I am in love with these flowers and every time I come home and see them its like a reminder that warmer days are ahead of us and soon the whole garden will be alive with growth.

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