Friday, April 11, 2014


Ugh, I have been sick....
Usually when I am sick I can work through it, if I stay home I can get up and move around and do the absolute minimum to keep my household going.
Not this time.
Two days in bed, barely moving and not eating.
Dishes piling up.
On day two I decided to google what I thought I had and when my symptoms matched up, I summoned all the energy I could and drove to the clinic and had my suspicions confirmed. I have strep throat!
I am on antibiotics, on the mend and back at work.
I hate being so sick I cant do anything.
On the positive my husband made dinner two nights in a row, a miracle!
Happy to be feeling better for the weekend ahead.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Accuracy of Scales

Sunday is supposed to be my weigh in day but after 3 weeks of frustrating weigh ins I decided to do some comparison weigh ins.
My current scale is a dial scale and every time I look at it the dial is offset on the zero marker. so I started to lose faith in its accuracy.

My mother was nice enough to lend me her digital scale and I hopped on it today to see if it was a scale issue.

Guess what?! I think it is. This scale had me down four pounds from Sunday! It is next to impossible for me to have lost four pounds in 48 hours but I do believe this means my dial scale has been lying to me. Sending me into a tizzy for nothing.

let it be.
Source: Pinterest

I plan to continue to do what I was planning to do already this week and see how things look on Sunday.

My goals this week are:

  • Drink more water
  • Be active between work out days
  • Plan my work meals before work

It's a 10 in my books

I am always looking for a new to me product that might change my life. I kept hearing about It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product from different vlogs and blogs and really didn't give it too much thought as I was under the impression it was for heat treated hair, which I do not have.

I was recently in my local target with Nat, from iheartthisblog, when she informed me of the miracle nature of this product. I was sceptical at first glance, mostly due to the price, but when I returned to Target next, it found its way into my basket.
It was not cheap so I had high hopes it was worth the money. 
One reason I love the beauty blog community is that others test out the products for you and share their opinions, making it easier for you to try the products yourself since you already have an idea what is like.
Anyway, I brought it home and tried it out. Like I expected I was not disappointed. It smelled nice, it de-tangled my hair and kept it that way until I showered next. My hair was also very soft and shiny, always added bonuses! 
I made a promise that this would be my leave in conditioner and I would leave the girls with what we already had. 
Then my daughter came home from swimming without showering or combing her hair! This is disastrous as she has very thick hair that is difficult to deal with on a good day. I decided to sparingly share Its a 10 with her and I was fully won over. It made brushing her hair a breeze and made her hair gorgeous once dried.

I really do not want to use it on her hair but because it made it so easy to deal with I am not sure I will be able to hold myself back from using it again on her hair.
I really recommend the It's a 10 Miracle Product if you are in search for the best leave in product and de-tangler. It is simply amazing.