Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cosmetics Haul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decided it was time to write something of substance and not just post a picture.
Motherhood has taken up all my time over the last two weeks and I haven't really had the time to write anything. I decided to do a haul post since I recently picked up a few new products and wanted to share them with you. 
I have never been overly concerned with my brows other then if they were too hairy or too crazy. After watching lots of vlogs on getting ready I became very interested in the whole eyebrow filling, but I was very unsure if I needed it or not. 
I saw Benefit Cosmetics Brows a-go-go and really liked how it was a one stop shop for brows and I decided to pick it up.

It comes with wax for shaping, two colours for filling, a couple of highlighters, tweezers and an eye-liner. First inspection I am still intrigued. I am still experimenting with it.

I have been looking for a highlighter to play with but had no idea where to start. I found myself at one of my local drugs stores and stumbled over the Smashbox Soft Lights Highlighter in the colour Shimmer . I really like the way it swatched on my skin. It wasn't glittery, it definitely had a shimmer and made my skin have a healthy glow. 

Last but not least I continued my search for the best concealer for my skin. The cosmetician suggested to me her favourite concealer Clarins Instant Concealer and I was instantly impressed with it. It goes on smooth, it stays put and it is easy to use. I am still on the fence if it earns a place high on my list of favourites but I am happy with it.
Anyone else try these products? What do you think? Let me know in the comments

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