Thursday, January 23, 2014

Newest Love

I found as I entered motherhood I really lost a lot of who I was. I was already confused and trying to figure myself out when my first bundle of joy was dropped in my arms. By the time number two came I had begun to settle into what motherhood brought.

Now that my youngest is three years old, I am finding a bit more time for myself and the ability to settle into my likes and dislikes. What makes me happy all on my own.

I have always had a bit of an obsession with products. When I was younger I was lost in all the different products out there and I kind of felt alone in my love, guilty almost. Now that I have been introduced to YouTube I understand that there are many others like me out there and some have built a career out of it.
As I develop my blog and my voice I am hoping to feature my loves and joys, basically whatever makes me happy and helps me to survive this crazy world of marriage and motherhood.

My biggest love right now are make up brushes.I am not sure how I was or why I was applying make-up without them. Its like a whole new game now and I fell like I can`t live without them. My hands down favourite brushes are the Real Techniques brushes by Sam and Nic Chapman. I discovered them through there You Tube channel Pixiwoo. I am truely obsessed and their brushes changed my life. That might sound a  bit dramatic but it changed how I apply my make up and how I feel about how I look.

This is my brush collection so far. My newest love is the buffing brush, it just buffs the product into my face giving me a flawless complexion. If you haven't tried using a make up brush I would highly suggest finding some of the Real Techniques brushes and start playing. I would be surprised if you were not singing their praises after.

Do you have a love a product? What is your favourite?
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