Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day at the Dentist

Hello everyone!
Today has been a very strange day for me.I had a wisdom tooth taken out today by my dentist.

Tooth with my wisdom

It started with a sedative that I had to take a little
bit extra of to get the job done. I also had the most painful mouth freezing ever that brought me to tears and not just one little tear, like a full breakdown cry because of the pain. After that I basically don't remember anything until coming too 7 hours later at my house with my mom cleaning my windows.
Bits and pieces come back to me but nothing of great substance.

Me, no make-up, post tooth pulliing
I am starving because I haven't eaten and I am afraid to eat anything I really want because I want to just leave my mouth alone. I guess this is a poor me post.
Anyone have any helpful hints? What can I do to past the time while my tooth heals?

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