Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Fav Product: Stila Waterproof Liquid Liner

Do you wear make up?
Do you wear eye make up?

Six months ago I would say I didn't wear a lot not only due to time restraints but because I wasn't a master of its application. I have worn make up since I was a teenager, but no one really taught me how to wear it and luckily due to good skin I really never had to wear it.
Recently though I have been playing a lot more with my make up because I have been so unhappy with other parts of my life and it allowed me to utilize a different creative outlet and it helped me feel special when the rest of me wasn't feeling that special. 
This brings me to the reason of my post, in all my playing I have begun to explore different products, how they work and how to use them. I am hoping to share some of these products with you as it can be lots of fun and I am really enjoying the exploration of all these products.

It is a liquid liner that, to be honest, I was quite scared of to begin with. I had little to no experience with eye liner and liquid eye liner was like brain surgery to me. I do not have a steady hand and the first few times I applied it I laughed at wasn't too pretty.
I didn't give up and watched many YouTube tutorials like Pixiwoo's or Make up By Tiffany D. They helped so much and with a little bit of practice I fell in love. Like deep in love, like drive by their house, obsessive love.
I never wore anything on my eye's, now I don't leave the house without my Stila liner on.

My open eye with slight flick
My Eye closed with eyeliner

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