Thursday, January 23, 2014

In bed

Day two of healing here and I am still in bed. Everything from my neck down is fine but my mouth hurts and my head is a little foggy from all the drugs. I had kind of hoped that by this afternoon I would be up and around doing some items on our my to do list. Like making more of these amazing buns.

I really want this year to be the year of my health. I have said this for the last couple of years without any true long standing results. I am a bit frustrated about being in bed and not working out but its doctors orders not to be physical while my tooth gums heal. I really don't want to lose what motivation I had.

Source: Pinterst

I hope tomorrow I am in less pain and I can get out side for a bit. Two days of bed rest is more then enough for me. It is giving me time to catch up on other things but it also gives me time to dwell on the negative. Any hints or thoughts on staying motivated or positive while bed ridden?

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