Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another year

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My birthday is less than a week away, it falls on a weekday so the day will be filled with the same motherly duties I do every other weekday. Isabelle is obsessed with birthdays and she thinks a big party is coming, where all of friends will be at and I will be getting lots of toys. Its hard to break it to her that nothing like that will be happening. I will probably try too make the day special for her, even if it is MY Day
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I don't think that I have had a birthday party since I was a kid and there is no party on the books for this year( though it would be fun to have a themed party like above!) I sometimes think that it is strange that I haven't had a party in ages and that no body has tried to plan me one, but then I think about it and I don't really like to be the centre of attention and I am not that comfortable in parties, so it kind of makes sense.
If I were to have a party I would like to wear something like this:

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I love that it is inspired after a painting.
It's not like I am not doing anything, my husband will take me out for dinner, my mom might make me dinner one night and I am hoping to go out with some girlfriends when we can make our schedules match.
What do you do for your birthday? How do you make it special? Does someone make it special for you?
Opps! I have been corrected, my birthday is on Sunday not Monday! I am slowly losing my mind, don't mind me!
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