Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day of the rest of my life...

First step in bettering myself is to be healthier. I have never been a sick person, but I have never been a fit person. I am curvy and carrying two children has done nothing for my figure. Three months after my youngest daughter Roslyn was born I joined an Outdoor Fitness Program that helped me lose my baby weight, but as fall approaches this is not an option anymore and I fear of falling into old habits. I am fine with being curvy and I fine with not being a stick but I want to feel healthy and when I am not moving I do not feel healthy. So tomorrow morning I am going to start this:

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred

It has sat on my dvd shelf for maybe 2 years! Unused, haunting and taunting me from its dusty place on the shelf. I think about it weekly but I do not dare put it on. I always have a lovely excuse and some how I let the morning pass and my kids be an excuse for not putting it on.
Tomorrow though I will not ignore it anymore! I will start this "30 day Shred" and I will report my findings, anyone want to join me? This will be my commitment, help me stay committed and cheer me on!
Do you use exercise dvd's? How do you stay healthy? What's your best tip? Tell me please help me on my crusade!
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