Thursday, September 22, 2011


I didn't start reading blogs until after the birth of my first child. 
At home, in a whole new world, I started to stumble upon some amazing sites. I was mostly drawn to sites by other women and more importantly other mom's. Seeing what other mom's were getting up to and how they were expressing themselves in the blogosphere. Not every blog I came across was a perfect match, I must say I did not fall in love with them all and some I didn't get past their first entry. Then I stumbled across luvinthemommyhood
She is an amazing crafter, mom, blogger, who inspires me to be more crafty and creative.I loved her images, web design and all the things she created. She also lives in the same town as me so I felt like she knew where I was coming from.

She has taken away my excuse that I am too busy to sew and knit becuase I have kids. This lady does it all and blogs about it too. Even if you are not a crafter you should check the mommyhood out it is a beautiful site, that might just inspire the crafty person in you.

From Shannon's website I found a couple more and I must say I check out these blogs day after day to see what creative ideas they have come up with today and how they have beautifuly displayed it. 
First there is made. Another crafty momma who happens to like to second hand shop and posts her amazing finds.

Source: made
She shares crafting, sewing, cooking and amazing photographs. She makes me feel like I too can get my sewing machine out and create just as she has. It just seems so easy and perfect.

Then there is Katy from no big dill, now I love luv in the mommyhood and I love MADE but No Big Dill is my ultimate blog (sorry bloggers!)

Source: nobigdill

I am not sure what it is, just like the blogs I mentioned before she is creative and crafty but there is something else about this blog that I love. Maybe its because I have the utmost respect for her as a mother of now 6 children ( Yes 6!!!)

Source: nobigdill
The clothes she creates for her children are amazing and I love the images she shares every time she posts. I also love her kitchen, green is my favourite colour and her kitchen is highlighted by some very amazing green.
All of these ladies are amazingly talented and are so creative it makes me want to scream. I think I hope by reading their blogs some of their creative juices will rub off on me!

Last but not least I must share one more inspiration, the very stylish iheartthisblog

This is the lovely, stylish and talented Natalie (I love this shirt!) Disclaimer: I know Natalie personally, which may add to why I love her blog!
She is also a momma and posts about fashion, baking and mommyhood.
I must say Natalie has reminded me that becoming a momma doesn't mean you have to live in yoga pants and cotton t-shirts for the rest of your life. You can wear real clothes again and you can be fashionable. She does it so I should at least give it a try.

These are my inspirations, there really are many more, but this post can only be so long 
These ladies share their passion on line and I am trying to do the same, they are my biggest inspirations and I hope that they can inspire you!

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