Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Putting it out there

I started this blog a while a go in honour of my dad and honouring his life by doing something with mine. I set personal goals for myself that sought to see every corner of my life enhanced or bettered. I have struggled with achieving these goals or even with working on them. This year I am trying to take it all a bit more seriously.
I have been serious with bettering my health, I am working out and eating better and seeing some real results.
The one area I really struggle with is my career. Things have changed where I work and I find little satisfaction. I have been looking for new avenues for my career fulfilment.
I know that I am a good employee, I will stay late and come in early. I am dedicated and loyal. I have a university degree and years of experience. Still I hear nothing.
I try to think about what my ideal career would be, what do I want to do with my life. No matter how clich├ęd it may sound I want to make a difference. I am not a doctor or a nurse or a teacher, but I would like to use my skills to do better. I once had a career counsellor tell me I should be a motivational speaker, I am not sure how she came up with that conclusion do you even get into that?
I love to cook, but I am not a chef and I don't create new and interesting recipes. I am good at cooking classic recipes without recipes.

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I am trying to explore different aspects of my life to see what I am good at, what I like and what I can do with it. Its one of the reasons I am trying blogging again, I am hoping through words and images I can stumble upon the love of my life in career form!
Do you do what you love? How did you find it? Do you think everyone does what they love?

So true.
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