Friday, February 14, 2014

Ode to V Day

I love love!
This is so me. I wasn't really expecting anything - just starting a part time job, no biggie, Id done it before... And then all of a sudden he was there, and while it took us both a while to admit it, it was worth the wait a thousand times over. <3
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Not the young lustful stuff that passes in moments but long enduring love. Committed, loyal love. 
I saw an older couple the other day leaving a grocery store and as they walked to their car they held hands. Granted I do not know them or their story but the image of it made my heart swell.

elderly couples who hold hands make me smile.
When my grandpa passed away, my family was going through his things, including his wallet. In his wallet we found a picture of my grandma when they first met. It was bent and aged at the corners and it was clear he carried it with him in his wallet where ever he went since he met her. My grandparents had a love that was sweet, caring and loyal. They loved each other dearly but not in an over the top way, they were committed to each other and their journey. That is the kind of love I want in my life and I am lucky enough to have. It might not be exciting or passionate but it is stable and meaningful, nothing needs to be said the love is just there. 
My parents had an understated love as well, committed and dedicated. I think that is the love that stands the test of time.
I know its a cliche to say my husband is my best friend, but he is. We built our love on friendship and we go through our lives together as a couple.
We don't really celebrate Valentine's day here, though we always do something very small, it has really become about the kids now.
This is my small ode to Valentine's day. I hope yours was spent the way you hoped to!

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