Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Answers to questions on a Monday

Inspired by Girl in a boy house who was tagged by another blogger, I decided to take a shot at answering the following questions

1) If Jane had 3 apples and John had 78 nails, how many layers of clothing are you wearing (how is the weather in your neck of the woods?)?

The weather in my area is mild compared to the rest of the country. I only have one layer on, yoga pants and pj shirt, my home comfies!

2. What is keeping you sane during these long winter months?

The breaks in the weather mostly help...the occasional sunny day, focussing on the finishing of home renovations and wine...oh wine!

3. If you were on a boat with a box of chocolate and your Mother In Law, who would you throw overboard?

Its bad that I am stopping to think about this. My mother in law is not that bad but a box of chocolates....I kid! The box of chocolate would have to go

4. What’s in your underwear drawer besides underwear?

Well due to the home renovations my underwear drawer has been moved and it is currently become a junk drawer for all types of things I don't have room for or a place for in my room. So my underwear is in a basket and my drawer is full of bills, jewellery and photos

5. Do you trust yourself with sharp objects near your face? (as in, do you pluck your own eyebrows? Do you have any eyebrow horror stories?)

I pluck my own eyebrows but I fear that I am horrible at it and I never know what to do with them. What is too much, what is too little? I do not on the other hand trust myself with scissors and my face. I cut my bangs when I was younger and needless to say it did not end well. Thank goodness it was a period in time that head bands were in and that there is no digital proof of the time period

6. I am terrified of dead bodies, spiders, and the dentist. What are you scared of?

I am terrified of spiders! I am always afraid that they are going to jump at me and bite me.

7. Are you wearing nail polish? And if so, what colour? (I have red on my toenails and pale pink on my fingernails, FYI).

My toes are bright blue and my fingernails are red 

I would tag other bloggers but I don't really have a blog circle yet. If you want to answer these questions send me a link in the comments. I would love to see others answer these questions!

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