Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pinterest Tried and True

I have an ongoing love affair with Pinterest.
Its like having the having the ultimate in vision boards without all the cut up paper and massacred magazines.
I love the sharing of images from the amateur to the professional.
One of my most favourite things to Pin are recipes! Oh the lovely images of food and the possibilities. I think I would be happy to dedicate my life to trying out recipes on Pinterest and writing about the failures and successes. 
I have decided to try to start doing that here. Which brings me to today's post.

After searching for the best pancake recipe on Pinterest this little image caught my eye. I went to the source at Style me pretty and began my trial. They seriously are the best pancakes. I was very happy with my pin and quickly moved this to my tried and tested folder.

I made these for dinner tonight and forgot to take photos during the process, but I did snap a couple after the fact photos.

If your family love's pancakes check out the recipe here. Make sure to be very careful with the vinegar.

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