Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another day in motherhood

Motherhood seems to be a constant onslaught of battles. There are many times of peace but when it hits it hits. The waves of issues to be dealt with hit you one after another, well now that I think about it that just seems to be life in general....hmmm....

Ballynoe Co Down, Ireland.
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Anyway this week has been a tough one. A week that brings you to lean heavily on your vices, whatever they might be.

My work out schedule has be neglected and so has any hope of eating smart. 

I have done more laundry then I have done in a month and there is still more waiting to be done. I have waited in a doctors clinic for over two hours with two kids under the age of five and lost my marbles in the parking lot at work.

I am scared to go to sleep tonight in the fear of waking up and facing tomorrow and all the joy it might bring. 

Maybe that sounds a bit dramatic but it has been a rough 4 days.
I don't think we should...but talk to my mom.
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No one informed me how tough being a mommy is. It has fabulous and amazing rewards but it is also the toughest thing I have ever done, if you know a mom do something special for her, even it is acknowledging all that she does.

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