Thursday, October 6, 2011

What A Mess

Lately I have been feeling a bit crazy. Lack of sleep combined with a teething baby and an ongoing cold has led me to feel very out of sorts. My house is a mess.  Not a normal mess  but an out of control, lost my child in the pile of laundry kind of mess. I feel like my house looks like this:

Source: redbubble viapinterest
Now I know it really isn't that bad but I feel like it is, I feel super stressed on the inside about it. I wish my house could be as organized and clean as this:

 Source: cloudfront. via pinterest

Or have my daughters closet look like this, (my daughters closet will never look like this.)

Source: projectnursery via pinterest

It would make me very very happy. I am trying to take it one space at a time but its not helping as my main living space is out of control. 
Right now my 9 month old is eating food off the floor. Granted it is food she threw off her high chair earlier, but none the less she is eating off the floor and I am not batting an eye at. 
I think that might be a bad thing.
I need some serenity and peace, time to myself to clean up, de-clutter and de-stress.
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